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Audio & Music Equipment Repair   ●   Custom-Design     Valve Amplifier Specialist

Welcome to Astral Sonic Technology,


the first choice for:


Service and Repair of all kinds of electronic music equipment


Specialist services for valve amplifiers, and other valve-based equipment


Custom-design and manufacture of unique audio devices and cables


Here at Astral Sonic Technology, we professionally service and repair electronic audio and music equipment, catering for individual musicians, bands, recording studios, DJs, music venues, sound-system owners, schools, colleges and places of worship.


Established for over 10 years, we have worked on over a thousand items of equipment, with hundreds of satisfied customers in and around West Yorkshire.


Thanks to our fully-equipped and multi-benched workshop and huge technical database, we are genuinely able to properly service and repair a wide variety of equipment,



Fender guitar amp service and repair
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Guitar amplifiers

Bass amplifiers

PA systems


Mixing consoles

Powered mixers

Keyboards and analogue synthesisers

Effects units

DJ mixers

Sound systems

Guitar electrics



All types of valve-based equipment

Turntables & record players

High-end valve hi-fi amplifiers

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All commercial brands of equipment are catered for, regardless of age or rarity, including classic vintage amplifiers and analogue synthesisers.

Standards of workmanship are maintained at high levels, with constant refining of our technical procedures to help make sure we continue to offer a professional and efficient service, at a reasonable price, and with a fast turnaround.

Each and every item of equipment received for service or repair is treated with the utmost care and consideration, and is worked on carefully by qualified and experienced electronic engineers, who are also active musicians.

All work is carried out thoroughly, in our fully-equipped workshop, and all items are fully tested before leaving the workshop. We offer guaranteed workmanship on the work we carry out, and supply Service Reports and Receipts with all items of equipment we work on.

We appreciate and understand both the technical and subjective importance of great-sounding electronic equipment, whether it is used for music creation, sound recording, music production, playback or broadcasting.

Entrust us to look after the technical performance and reliability of your music equipment,

freeing you up to excel and shine on stage, and in the studio.


For a no-obligation discussion and to book equipment in,

please telephone or send us a text on:

07902 241155

or email us on: