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Here at Astral Sonic Technology, we offer a custom-design service where we will work with you to produce one-off, specialised audio devices and cables, based on your own unique requirements. As well as designing and building equipment from scratch, we can also carry out specific modifications to existing equipment.


We would initially discuss your ideas, in total confidence, and brainstorm other possible enhancements. After defining the basic design requirements, we would then proceed to a detailed design and costing.

The circuitry will then be developed, built and tested to ensure it meets all requirements. We design any circuit boards in-house, using industry-standard software, and have them professionally fabricated by UK-based printed circuit board manufacturers.

Full consideration will be given to applicable safety and design regulations. All circuitry will be housed in quality casework based on your own specifications, usually with a wide range of custom options for final finishing, including printing-colour and style.

All aspects of design, development, assembly and testing are carried out here at Astral Sonic Technology. In this way, we have complete quality-control of the whole process.

Our commitment to quality standards ensure that the finshed item we deliver to you will meet, if not excel, your requirements technically, sonically and aesthetically, and will be engineered and built to last.

Some examples of our work:

Active audio filters, high quality instrument preamplifiers, studio-quailty microphone preamplifiers, parametric equalisers, gain control units, mixers, signal switching units, distortion units, bass guitar amplifiers, high quality cables for instruments and for recording studio installations, custom-made power supplies for FX pedal units, high quality DJ isolators, and much more.

Astral Sonic Technology - custom design schematic
Astral Sonic Technology - custom design pcb artwork
Astral Sonic Technology - custom design pcb
Astral Sonic Technology - custom design circuitry
Astral Sonic Technology - custom designed products

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